Shailen & Bhargavi
Wedding 08-27-2006




Directions to Royal Albert’s Palace New Jersey:

A. From NJ Turnpike North or South: Take Turnpike to Exit 10. Bear to your right. Take Route 514 (West). Follow direction (H) below.

B. From Garden State Parkway (Going) South: Take Exit 129 and stay in the right lane. Follow Signs to Route 287. Follow direction (F) below.
C. From Garden State Parkway (Going) North: Pass Exit 123. Stay right for 4 miles to exit for Route 287. Take Route 287 exit. Follow direction (F) below. 
D. From Route 1 (going) North: Pass PC Richards (Edison): Take Exit for Route 440 (Home Depot). Take 2nd Exit (500 feet after Turnpike Exit) for Route 514 (West).  Follow direction (H) below.                                                                 
E. From Route 1 and 9 (going) south: Pass Menlo Park Mall. Go 1.5 miles. Take exit for Bonham Town. At 1st traffic light turn left onto Route 514 East (Woodbridge Avenue). Drive 1 mile and take Raritan Center Exit. Go to the Stop Sign. Make left turn.  Pass Ramada Inn, follow King Georges Post Road for 1.5 miles. Royal Albert's Palace is on the right hand side. 
F. From Staten Island / Outer Bridge X-ring (Route 440): Route 440 changes to Route 287 in NJ. On Route 287, stay in the 2nd right lane for Turnpike and Route 514. Take exit for 514 west. From left lane, follow direction (H) below.
G. From Route 287 (going) south: Pass Exit 1. Take Route 514 West. Exit (500 feet after Turnpike). Follow direction (H) below.  
H. From Route 514 (Woodbridge Avenue) (West): Drive 1/2 mile on Route 514 West. Take 1st exit for Raritan Center. At 1st Traffic light make left onto King Georges Post Road. Pass Ramada Inn. Drive 1.5 miles. Royal Albert Palace is on the right hand side.

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