Shailen & Bhargavi
Wedding 08-27-2006




About Shailen:

Shailen Lodhia was born August 15th 1973 in the Fiji Islands and moved to Los Angeles California in 1985. His parents are Uma and Narendra (Jack) Lodhia; he has younger siblings named Neema and Henish Lodhia. Shailen has Bachelors degree in Business Marketing from Chico State University. He is currently living in Los Angeles working in the Search Engine Marketing Industry for EXPRESEO ::: Search Marketing Experts a leading Search Marketing Agency.

About Bhargavi:

Bhargavi Modi was born in Surat, India on November 25th, 1976.  Her family consists of her mom Chanda, dad Jitendra and younger brother Rohan.  Bhargavi graduated from Rutgers University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Economics.  Currently, she works as a Sr. Benefits Consultant for Fitzmaurice Companies, Inc. (a subsidiary of Bank of America) in New York City.  After the wedding, Bhargavi will be moving to Los Angeles to start her new life with Shailen.


Shailen proposed to Bhargavi on Thursday, March 2, 2006 at The View, a revolving restaurant on the 40th Floor of the Marriott located at Times Square in the heart of Manhattan.

So how did Shailen propose?

It was one of the coldest nights that New York had seen all winter.  Since Shailen lives on the west coast and Bhargavi lives on the east coast, they decided that they would celebrate Valentine’s Day two weeks later on March 2nd when he was in New York for a conference. 

So after a nice, romantic dinner at an Italian restaurant, Shailen asked Bhargavi if they could go to The View at the Marriott because they have the “best” Long Island Iced Tea.  Although she was slightly skeptical that the View has the “best” Long Island Iced Tea in all of New York, she agreed. 

Between Long Island Iced Tea, dessert and beautiful views of New York City, Shailen got down on his knee and asked Bhargavi to marry him with a gorgeous ring that he had designed himself.

Click here for pictures of the proposal and the weekend following the proposal.


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